DJ Surge

Surge is a Producer/DJ hailing from Dubstep’s home town of Croydon. His production has a deep, dark and energetic sound with influences of Dub, Reggae, Techno and Drum & Bass. His unique sound caught the attention of N-Type in 2011 and is signed to Wheel & Deal records with his first single “Leech”. Since then Surge has developed and evolved his unique sound and celebrated the success of a number of releases on various labels. He is enjoying working with a number of very talented live musicians to expand and push the boundaries further and has a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline for 2014/2015.

Surge's Dj sets are dark and energetic with mixing precision.
He has a strong understanding of set structure and captivating the listener in a musical journey. He guests regularly on Rinse FM, Kiss 100 and has had radio support from N-Type, Hatcha, Youngsta plus BBC Radio One air play from Skream, Benga & MistaJam.

Surge is currently collaborating in the studio with SGT Pokes as well as getting back in the studio with N-Type. Since the successful release of N-Type and Surge’s “September Sun EP”, Surge has been busy! His successful solo project “Voices EP”, released on Wheel & Deal was closely followed by a collaboration with Hatcha, titled “Entities” for the first “Hatcha and Friends EP” which was released on Sin City. The next N-Type & Surge EP “Stampede, is due for release in August 2014 as well as Surge’s “Alphawolf EP” which is forthcoming on Biscuit Factory Records.



Hatcha & Friends vol 1 - feat Surge & Hatcha Entities

" Hatcha & Friends Vol 1 (Sin City) It’s sometimes easy to forget that aside from being a bad-man DJ, party promoter, label boss and general party beast, Hatcha is one of the finest producers in the game. Thankfully he’s stepping up to the plate again to demonstrate this fact. Three tracks here with his old mucker Lost show how deep he can go – the ultra-funky, rattling ‘Good Old Days’ being our pick – while he makes a brilliantly monstrous racket with Funtcase and a fighter-plane of a track with Surge. More please! 9/10” (Mixmag)

Leech - Featuring Pyxis / Swaying Mantis - Wheelydealy023

"Vocals over dubstep often bring me out in a nagging rash, as my defence mechanism kicks in once more, preparing for the worst Sub Focus, 16Bit and Nero can projectile vomit through the speakers. Yet, as I numb myself with another speedball, the lament of Pyxis nestles comfortably over the odd, writhing beat machinations of Surge. ‘Leech’ is one of those rare tracks that gathers you into its soft fleshy folds, before suffocating you in an anaesthetised embrace”(DJ Mag)

"N-Type’s label is guaranteed of classy production, and newcomer Surge keeps that up. But he also brings vocals into the deep, dark dungeon sound of ‘Leech’. Actually, though, the instrumental “Swaying Mantis’ is better: undulating back and forth as the title suggests, it feels dangerously hypnotic” (Mix Mag)


N-Type & Surge - September Sun EP - Wheelydealy032

"The bass face dynasty just keeps on delivering, this time it’s the turn of the man who makes the Wheel & Deal go round, N-type and fellow bass technician, Surge. A beautifully crafted 4-tracker to keep things all warm and breezy inside while we endure another typically fronting UK summer.” (Mix Mag)

Surge - Voices EP - Wheelydealy036

"The Voices EP includes the vocal stylings of Pyxis, Surge's dark, winding sound has reggae influences notable in the percussion, and deep punches throughout the cohesive four song digital download. After Pyxis' intense stare down in the title track, "Ctrl-Alt-Dlt" is a fantastic low frequency tune with a super clean melodic interlude that flows smoothly with the steady bassline. The sample is also quite provocative. "Painsday" brings it all together with a moment of tropical zen atop Surge's signature gritty clean synths. "Toys" is a fun tune, It sounds like a robotic elephant has come to sing lullabies. Just a month ago, Wheel & Deal released Surge's "Sin-Til-Late" with vocal wizard Beezy. No doubt Surge is an artist to follow, N-type's label is no joke with some of the best artists in the genre” (

N-Type & Surge - Stampede Sun EP - Wheelydealy046

"N-Type and Surge are back with another lethal dose of the Wheel & Deal sound, opening with an OTT production entitled Stampede. There’s no simpler way of saying it - it’s a maelstrom of chaos. This drop falls perfectly, followed by the unsettling wave of distorted sweeps and a provocative choice of drum patterns. Colder Than Mars sets out like a rocket bound for space, causing alarm with an ever-returning set of growls and powerful synth notes. Mid-ranges are top-echelon, giving the tune space to breath while keeping an aggressive pace before fadeing away without notice. Katnip leads the way with tension from the track’s countdown, surprising the listener with an explosion of utter turmoil that makes sense in double-time. The sleek kick to snare action and the throbbing progression after the second blow-out make this a killer production that fits in almost any track list. And it’s a highly recommended listen.“With Increments, N-Type and Surge plunder the Eastern lands, bringing about the smoothest instruments that settle well with the disturbing, harsh percussive hits. The brass sounds make the trip even more interesting, followed by a militant set of growls that are of highest grade. The assertive yet twisted stance of this track makes it an unusual journey, which should be enjoyed many times more. With Clobber as bonus dub, the collaborators finish off their EP with a real bang. The Stampede EP ends with mind-tickling synths, an ice-cold snare and a wonderful wall of low-end frequencies. Clobber is the right way to end things. Until the next time....” (FKOF)


Big Black Delta - IFLY - N-Type & Surge Remix

" N-Type & Surge shows off their stellar ingenuous production talent, with a flawless, mine-deep remix with bass that can be literally used as a battering ram… which eases us out with horn-wielding, grime-levied remix that has a raw, cinematic feel.. this should please the fans that like it heavy” (